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pre-recorded and fully interactive online training course.

Achieve your Success through the power of advanced Communication Skills. 

Sign up to a very interactive and unique Online Training Course and:

  • Talk your way up the business ladder.

    Learn how to connect and make the most out of your human interactions within any business environment. 

  • Become the¬†influential leader people look up to.‚Äč

    Learn the communication skills to lead and positively influence other individuals, teams and entire organisations. 

  • Grow your personal brand and your business.‚Äč‚Äč

    Become a holistic business owner capable of successfully promoting yourself and your brand via different channels.  

  • Deliver memorable and persuasive presentations.

    Gain access to the knowledge, tools and techniques used by world-renowned speakers.

  • Create enriching and long-lasting relationships.

    Acquire the ability to build a climate of trust and openness where human interactions thrive.

  • Achieve anything you set your mind to.

    80% of your success depends on your Mindset and Communication Skills, exactly what this course is about. 

Learn to Communicate with Impact.

Register now and fast track your success by learning how to win and influence people.

  • Pre-recorded dynamic¬†sessions

    Over 80 dynamic and knowledge-rich videos.

  • A comprehensive E-manual¬†per module

    A great tool to complement and strengthen your learning. There are 3 Modules in total, so you get 3 separate manuals (Over 170 pages worth of content). 

  • Combination of various fields of knowledge

    Business Communication, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Public Speaking and a bit of neuroscience.  

  • Theory and plenty of real-life applications

    Everything you learn your get to practise. That's how you build your Communication muscle. 


Jose Ucar

Communication and

Public Speaking Coach!

I'm also a TEDx speaker, NLP Master Trainer and International Business Expert. I spend most of my time working with businesses and individuals to bring about transformation through the power of advanced communication skills.


I won't bore you too much with my credentials and background here. For more information, my LinkedIn is fully updated with everything I've been up to for the past 10 years. Let's connect!

The Full Training includes 3 Modules:

Mindset: Find & Unleash your Excellence

  • Understanding how we create our reality.¬†
  • Our thinking patterns and how they influence our view of the world.¬†
  • How we do, what we do: Sequences of thoughts.¬†¬†
  • Gain flexibility: There is more than one perspective.
  • Our¬†outcomes and their impact.¬†
  • Self-Alignment: Finding the best version of ourselves.¬†

This is what you get:

Video Content: Over 30 interactive videos.

Manual: 63 pages.

Full lifetime access.

Certificate of Completion. 

Access to Membership Area and additional resources. 

Communication One to One: The key to Influence

  • Charisma: The art of relationships.¬†
  • Rapport: Learn to create a climate of trust.¬†
  • How to effectively communicate¬†with our body.
  • Levels of Language and Discovery Questions.¬†¬†¬†
  • Avoiding unhelpful assumptions: Clean Language.¬†
  • Influence: Bringing it all together for a positive impact.¬†¬†

This is what you get:

Video Content: Over 25 interactive videos.

Manual: 54 pages.

Full lifetime access.

Certificate of Completion. 

Access to Membership Area and additional resources. 

Public Speaking: Share your Excellence with the world

  • The wheel of Public Speaking and Emotional Connection.
  • Take your Audience on a Journey with you.¬†
  • Crafting the right story to illustrate your point.
  • Winning body language and more...
  • Advanced tips to hone your presentation skills.¬†
  • State management to remain in control at all times.¬†

This is what you get:

Video Content: Over 30 interactive videos.

Manual: 60 pages.

Full lifetime access.

Certificate of Completion. 

Access to Membership Area and additional resources. 

Gain lifetime access to the full programme for just £247.79

You will also receive:

  • How to set and achieve your GOALS!

    (Online training course)

    A simple and effective way to get what you want in life while keeping motivated.

    In this class Jose shares his strategy to get things in life. He has a pragmatic and flexible approach when it comes to pursuing and achieving what he wants and it is his desire to make it available to you.

  • Access to Jose's Mindset, Communication and Public Speaking Member's Area

    Gain access to a wide variety of FREE resources from Jose's repertoire. This is also the platform where the World-Class Communicator and How to set and achieve your GOALS training programmes are hosted. 

  • A 30 minute Welcome Session with Jose

    Meet Jose for 30 minutes to discuss your goals, expectations and to clear any doubts you may have regarding the content of the programme. The purpose behind this call is to make sure you fully benefit from this unique learning experience.  

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    You are about to embark on an amazing learning experience, but if within 30 days you don't notice any positive changes in the way you communicate with yourself and others, just send me an email and I will give you a full refund. 

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